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NachtNet Brabant

Short films block
Vrijag 13 mei, 18:00h.

Papa Wrestling
Papa wrestling Fernando Alle
Fernando Alle, UK, 2009, 8,5 minutes, Portugese / sub. English

After bullies steal his sonís lunchbox, a retired wrestler goes on a violent rampage to avenge him and bring justice to the school.


Saladin dellers Switserland, 2010, 6 min. german/english

Me? Is our personage really for us? Are the mentally ill people really only ill? Or is our view, the view of the normal people, wrong? A short view into Kevins situation. He is in a conflict with himself.

Night of the Mullets

Chris Hebert, Canada, 2010, 13,5 min, English

Mullet aliens from outer space invade a house party.


Pierre Guillaume, France , 2010, 9 min, no language

Summer night. A secluded house. The basement boiler starts switching on. Puzzled, a man wakes up, goes out... and progressively plunges into a mysterious and oppressive atmosphere. Is he truly alone?

The terrible Thing of Alpha-9
The terrible thing
Jake Armstrong, USA, 2009, 6 min. no language

A space bounty hunter travels to a lonely planet to kill a terrible monster. BUT short film award winner 2010

Sender 77

Christian Fischer, Germany, 2009, 4,5min., german

A new television station shows outlaws on the run. 17277 is one of them. He just found out about his biotransmitter- itís hidden in a back tooth....

Maidens Well
Maidens Well
Marko Backovic,Serbia, 2009, 13 min., serbian/english sub.

Marti Mystery and Java visiting weird Serbian forest, searching for kidnaped girl Dijana.

N.a.s.a. a volta
Nasa a volta
Alexei tylevich of lindsay Larson, USA, 2009, 4.28min. , english/german/spanish

Another day, another drug deal gone wrong in this NC-17 bit of ultraviolence set 8-bit isometric metropolis.

Schwester Ines

Christiane Lilge, Germany, 2009, 28min., german/eng.sub.

As long as she can remember, Ines has worked as a midwife in her mothers clinic - a clinic that offers the unique service of allowing expectant mothers to decide the exact date they will give birth. In fact, Ines has never set foot outside the clinic. When Ines is invited for a job interview, her secret dream of becoming a flight attendant seems within reach. But little by little, Nurse Inesí attempts to escape the clinic reveal an unexpected dark side to her once cozy home.