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NachtNet Brabant

Il Solitario

director: Francesco Campanini
country: Italy
year: 2008
duration: 85 minutes
language: Italian, English sub

Leo Piazza is a wanted man. He is the only one surviving a hit where millions of lires have been stolen. He is forced to hide to get his pursuers off his tail. But they are not to be thwarted, however, and give it their best to find Leo. While doing so, they don’t spurn any kind of violence or methods of pressure.

“Il Solitario” is a raw movie. Because of its story, its characters, its style of visual violence, etc. This underground movie will drag you in head over heels, with its familiar type of antihero. It has the feel of a strong mob movie, despite its apparent underground nature, and it is over far too quickly.

Saturday May 14, 18:00h.

il solitario2