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NachtNet Brabant

Modern Love is Automatic

Director: Zach Clark
Country: USA
Year: 2009
Length: 93 minutes
Language: english
Subtitles: -
Cast: Melodie Sisk, Maggie Ross, Hannah Bennet

Lorraine a nurse bored out of her wits cannot find anything in life to interest her. Her co-workers gossip and her boyfriend can not satisfy her sexually. Everything goes past her unnoticed and on every question she replies with a long stretched Yeaaah? The local sex shop offers her an escape from her boring life. Through an S&M magazine she comes in contact with a Group of people that involve themselves in erotic games. Lorraine has found her calling as a dominatrix. From now on her daytime white nurses uniform are replaced with black leather and latex in the night lashes her whip. As if it is all she has ever known her clientele grows willing to pay her money for being humiliated. But again she is bored out as time just drags on.

What makes MLIA so interesting is the almost tangible emptiness and uselessness. Like in Lorraine new room-mate, an over-active model that is no good at selling mattresses. Actress Melodie Sisk is striking with her height, her stoic appearance, her chilling gaze and a poise of apathy gives this film just the right charge. Every hint of emotion is hidden behind dark glasses.

MLIA is cheered up with music from the death metal band Blasphemer.
Friday May 13, 18:00h

Modern Love is Automatic trailer