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NachtNet Brabant

Die Reise nach Agatis

filmstill Die Reise nach Agatis

Regie: Marian Dora
Land: Germany
Jaar: 2010
Lengte: 74 minutes
Ondertiteling: German / english subs

Isabell and her husband Rafael are on their way to their boat for a well earned vacation. Along the way they pick up Lisa, a young and beautiful girl. She accompanies the arguing couple on vacation on their boat. At first glance, everything seems fine. Beneath the calm exterior there is feeling of dread brewing which is coming to the surface in a explosive way. Marian Dora has gotten international recognition with her movie ‘Cannibal’. We can gladly say that this movie wasn’t a lucky shot. With ‘Reise nach Agatis’ she shows us, she counts in the European trash scene. ‘Reise nach Agatis’ is a bleak movie with limited dialogue. From the first moment the movie starts it’s obvious we’re in for a hell of a ride, what kind of a ride is even more gruesome than we could expect. All of the atrocities in ‘Reise nach Agatis’ are shown without any restraint and complemeted with a fabulous soundtrack.
Saturday May 14, 16:00h.