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Blood on the highway

Poster Blood on the Highway

Director: Barak Epstein & Blair Rowan
Country: USA
Year: 2008
Length: 88 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: no
Cast: Deva George, Nate Rubin, Robin Gierhart

During the intro of 'Blood on the highway' a skilled audience will recognise; this is horror with a high level of pulp, the makers will not skip a single horror cliché. Blood & guts, idiotic characters, big breasted bimbo’s, stupid humour, hard rock and of course a lot of hungry vampires are the key ingredients of this happily made parody.

Three backward twenty-year-olds get lost by car after one of them threw up on the map. They get stranded in Fate, an even more backward small town in Texas. The local mall is having their grand opening which for some strange reason starts at midnight. The customers flock to the coffins that are on sale.
Strange things are happening here and soon the three are being attacked by herd of very stupid and also very bloodthirsty vampires. Luckily in Texas a gun crazy red neck who flunked out of military training is not hard to find. He comes to their aid and like an A-team armed with swords, machine-guns, brooms, axes, home-made spears, nail files, knifes, vans, acid bombs, rakes, grenades and pistols they take on the undead. The local bimbo has discovered a very creative way to launch her wooden stakes...

Thursday May 12, 22:00h