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Press releases

——— Press release July 29th 2010 ———

Special guest and first film titles of the BUT film festival revealed September 8th – 12th 2010, with a brand new section in the additional program.

From September 8th to 12th the fifth edition of the BUT film festival will take place in the city’s centre of Breda. BUT consists of B-movies, Underground and Trash genres which shows extraordinary cinema that deviates from the mainstream films found in movie theatres, video stores and on the internet.

First names in the line-up:
Dutch premières of the film Cadavres, the Australia banned film LA Zombies by Bruce LaBruce, the film Captain Berlin vs. Hitler by controversial German filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit, films by Dutch artist / filmmakers Arno Coenen and Hester Scheurwater and the symposium "Finding Borders and going beyond?".
A new addition to the program are performances by underground poets such as Diana Ozon, Nick J. Swarthe and DASTRUGISTENDA from Gent.

Special guest: Jörg Buttgereit
Jörg Buttgereit's films are known for the worldwide controversy they have caused. Nekromantik even gave Jörg Buttgereit the title of Germany’s ‘Most Wanted film director’. Through the course of the past couple years the films got the respect they deserve.
The world renown director will bring Nekromantik 1 and Schramm to show as well as a compilation of short films. He will render a radio play in German and take part in the symposium "Finding Borders and going beyond?".

First film titles BUT2010
Tragicomedy Cadavres(2009) by director Eric Canuel is the BUT film festival kick off. The film is based on the book Cadavres by François Barcelo. The movie received widely diverse reviews, but our program committee unanimously decided it had a definite BUT factor.
Admitted to the film program is LA Zombies(2010) by director Bruce LaBruce which was called ‘Gay Zombie Porn’ in Australia and thus banned. LaBruce reacted bemused by the restrictions of the. Australian Film Classification, saying he had only submitted the ‘soft-core version’ of his film.
During the festival de Dutch première of Captain Berlin vs. Hitler(2009) will be shown. This film is deliberately camp, with hilarious fake sets and overly exaggerated characters. Never a dull momen, truly a must-see: who other than Buttgereit can bring together Hitler, Dracula and a superhero.

Symposium ‘Finding the borders and going beyond?’
What is a quality film and who sets these standards? On Friday September 10th a symposium will be held to research these standards and boundaries of quality with the title "Finding Borders and going beyond?". Film fragments composed of work from participants will set the theme and frame the discussion with the other participants and the audience. Moderator Anneroos Goosen will lead the discussion in which participants from various genres within BUT will take turns. Participants are; Jörg Buttgereit (Underground film maker and producer, Berlin), Hester Scheurwater (controversial film artist, Rotterdam), Powerplant (film artist duo, Venlo/Utrecht), Philip Meersman, poet (Brussels) member of DastrugistenDA.

Line-up Music and Performance program
Music and performances that deviate from the average, will attest of creativity, burst with singularity and entertainment to end each festival night. This year every evening has its own theme:

-futuristic rituals- with: Akoustic Timbre Frekuentie, Kristus Kut and Om Digidelica
-futuristic erotics- with: Mental Plastic Body Filler and Schulz
-futuristic classic- with: Hexperos and Ybrid
-futuristic party- with: Surfaders and Abattoir Rouge

Underground poetry program
The Underground poets will surprise the audience in between other scheduled films and performances. Ranging from guerrilla poetry, poetry performances to fighting with words in a boxing ring. In style with the BUT film festival these performances will walk along the lines of limitations. With various poetic actions the public at the BUT festival will receive a special serving of underground poetry.

BUT film festival
The BUT Film Festival is the B-movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival with Breda as home base. One of its kind in the Benelux. BUT directs itself onto unusual cinema that differs from the average mainstream features found in cinemas and video stores.
A rising number of people find their way to enjoy and appreciate the festival as well as a growing number of national and international film makers. Films made with only a slight fraction of the Hollywood-budgets by the hands of makers who do not shy away from letting their creativity run free. Every year with a big chunk of additional programming such as underground poetry, BUT film workshop, BUT Young and many more activities with spectacle and enthusiasm contributing to the unique BUT atmosphere.

Tickets for the BUT film festival are available for reservation via the website. During the festival tickets can be purchased at the register on the festival area. The entire program schedule will be made available in the last week of august on the website
For more details visit:


——— Press release May 20th 2010 ———

The latest information on BUT Film Festival 2010.

BUT Film Festival 2010 Septmeber 8th - 12th

The film festival with stubborn, experimental, bizarre and even freaky B-, underground and trash movies is coming your way again. The movies are over the top, often produced with little budget and are stretching the bounderies of movie-making. During the five festival days we'll be redefining the notion of a 'quality movie'. By means of movies, music, art, poetry and workshops the city centre of Breda will be flooded in the accustomed BUT-fashion. This year's theme is: Days of Future Past.

This year's theme is Days of Future Past. All visions of the future are mere predictions. Never will events take place as predicted because they are rooted in the time in which they came into existence. On the way to the future many things will change, technologies will be improved and the future itself will change. The future of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells was based on mechanical inventions which would come. Think of how we laugh now when we look at the computers and technology in the first Star Trek-series and Blake's 7, for instance. BUT aims to show the current day visions of the future and the fact that they might be out of date by next week.

New location(s) / Movie selection
BUT2010 will take place this year in the city centre of Breda. The main festival locations will be Cafétheater De Boulevard and the art centre De Nieuwe Veste in the St. Janstraat. We're very enthousiastic about this cooperation which opens up more possibilities for BUT. These new locations are so well equiped that the B-, underground & trash will literally grab you by the throat. Heavy-weight soundsystems in combination with the right acoustics will intensify the experience by 200%! The shops and the bars in the St. Janstraat will be involved as well in the BUT entourage to ensure an even more familiar BUT-atmosphere. Apart from an extensive movie-program there will be performances, music, poetry and art. The BUT shop will also open its doors during the festival of course.

At this moment the BUT team is very busy selecting the movies for the program! This year we will show a number of movies which deal with robots and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) which are rooted in the B-movie way of working and enthousiasm. There will be a small selection of SF-movies with the H.G. Wells signature from various periods such as Thing To Come (1936), The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) and The Time Machine (1960). The complete program will be announced through the website and the mailing list some time in August. We're still looking for young gifted talent. Do you have a movie (long or short) which you would like to send in or do you have tips or suggestions for BUT2010 then you're welcome to let us know until August 1st. You can mail them to

Underground poets
New this year will be the program of underground poets. In and around the festival locations poets will perform. Unexpectedly the will appear and let their words flow, sometimes fierce but always startling. On saturday the Dastrugisten poetry collective will perform throughout the day.

BUT young
An addition to previous years will be the BUT young afternoon program. A special custom-made movie program consisting of short BUT movies for children. More on this will be announced through the website and the mailinglist coming August.

BUT Film Workshop
A workshop in making B-movies will be organised together with De Nieuwe Veste art centre. In the course of three days you will become familiar with all the aspects of movie making. Inspired by the movie 'Be Kind Rewind' (Michael Gondry) you will do a remake of a scene or a compilation scene a popular movie. All the stage sets, décors and costumes will be made out of second-hand or other recycled materials. he movies will be shown to the general public at the festival. Interested in participating? Send an e-mail to for more information. The costs for the workshop amount to a one-time fee of 30 euros. Groups will composed to age: 12 , 15 and 18 .

Arno Coenen and Rick Berkelmans
Artist and filmmaker Arno Coenen from Rotterdam will be partly responsible for the BUT entourage by means of his work and the famous EuroTrash beer. He has his roots mainly in the underground and multimedia in the broadest sense of the word. Illustrator Rick Berkelmans will, together with photographer Roel van de Laar, design the posters and flyers in the typical BUT-style.

Website: Twitter: butfilmfestival Mailinglist: please send e-mail with subject ‘mailinglist’ to