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premiere Hairspray 1988
Director: John Waters
Country: USA
Year: 1988
Length: 92 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: dutch
Cast: Divine, Ricky Lake, Sonny Bono, Debbie Harry

The story is as simple as it is catchy: Tracy Turnblad (Ricky Lake before her diet and her days as a talk show host) has one dream: to dance on national television in the Corny Collins Show. First the has to struggle through a number of dance competitions. Nothing can stop her, not her obesity nor her naive posture. Go Tracy go! Her mother, played by Waters main actor, drag-queen Divine, watches from the sideline. With a three-day-shade en gigantic boobs Devine is ironing clothes all day as she listens to the show.
Set in Baltimore during the Sixties Hairspray is strangely anachronistic, which also gives it part of its charm. De kids from the TV show dance to Fifties music while all of America is taken in by the film in the late Eighties and therefore will forever be remembered as a thing from the Eighties. With Hairspray John Waters delivered his best known film. A Broadway-musical and a 2007 remake (in which Waters himself plays a part) made sure that a whole new generation gets to know this happy campy musical. The best thing of Hairspray is probably the satirical yet loving sketch of a adolescent(sub)culture in a town that is not known as the capital of cool: Baltimore, the place John Waters was born. By a setting in the Sixties Waters can address topics that are nowadays still sensitive in the US: interracial social contacts, people with obesity or people who are simply different. It does not matter who you are as long as your hair looks good!
Friday Sept. 11th 16.00 h. Ground Floor theatre

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