NEXT EDITION 8 - 12 sept. 2010
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BUT overnight package
5 nights 200,- p.p.
(20 minutes by bike from BUTFF, incl. BUT passe-partout and bike rent)

Zone 5300

NachtNet Brabant

Melkweg Cinema

Schokkend Nieuws

Razor Reel


Disturbance of the peaceful parc. Shocked by monster sighting

Photographs and digital videorecordings have created a wave of tension to swirl through Breda. A mid sized city in the south of the Netherlands. After rumours concerning earlier reports recent evidence is undisputible. The cultural programme the city offers, designed to attract more tourism has definitely managed to attract an odd bunch now. The origin of these monsters is unknown at this time, as is the cause of their visit. There is some speculation to a possible connection with BUT 2009. Various monsters appear on the posters anouncing the 4th edition of this filmfestival. The theme of this event might be the reason for the monsters to migrate to the city of Breda. Local government may have started preparations to act in the event of an invasion. Many kind of monsters might come to this town to attend the B-movie, Underground and Trashfilm spectacle.

Speculations concerning connection with BUT 2009

The upcoming international BUT film festival has extended its duration up to five days. Packed with films, performances, lectures, workshops and artwork. Including a Monster exhibition with works from Jaap de Vries, a Dutch artist and underground film maker. The latter combined with the genre of films screened is unofficially accepted as the reason for the monster sightings. These creatures often play a main or supporting role in these type of films. The organisation behind the festival is known for their various peculiar projects and have stated they foresee no troubles concerning these odd visitors.

When the monsters come out

What to do in the case of additional monster sightings? Well grab your camera or even your cell phone for a few quick snap shots. Trying to collect as much data as possible is important to get a perspective on the size and severity of the monster infestation. Any sightings in the Breda area must be reported and if possible recorded. Especially since the event involves such a delicate subject like these fantastic creatures. Too often it is put off as a hoax which is precisely the reason many people dicided to disbelieve the presence of monsters. Even though they suspect the monsters to have no hostile intent still is advised not to aproach them, or if you do, with utmost care.If you want to meet the monsters up close and personal you can always visit the BUT 2009 festival from September 9th - 13th. Where many monsters surely will be present.

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