NEXT EDITION 8 - 12 sept. 2010
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A “Divine” retrospective
John Waters Main guest BUTFF2009

John Waters, photo by Greg Gorman
Saturday 12 september on-stage interview with John Waters at Electron main stage.
Interviewed by Phil van Tongeren filmfestival director of IMAGINE (former Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival)
Electron, 20:00 uur, 12 sept. 2009

After the interview John Waters will take some to to a signing session
During the festival classics like Pink Flamingo's(1972), Polyester(1981), Female Trouble(1974)and Desperate Living(1977). are shown.

A “Divine” retrospective
During the BUT filmfestival 2009 in Breda, the Netherlands (from Sept. 9th to 13th) John Waters will be the main feature. Waters (1946) is a filmdirector, actor, writer and art collector. His film are shot in his beloved town Baltimore his fame started in the 70s when he started to made interesting cultfilms. His earlier trashmovies were inhabited by a circle of friends known onder the name of Dreamlanders, amongst which is his muze Miss Divine. Later (with Desperate Living 1977) he started to cast convicted criminals (Patricia Hearst), celebirties like Debbie Harry, Sonny Bono and less beloved fame like pornostar Traci Lords. In these years his films were a jump start for many stars like Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Melanie Griffith, Chris Isaak, Lily taylor and Tracy Ullman.

Waters, with his pencil line moustache, has been openly gay and a promoting gay rights. The first films distributed are camp with titles like ‘Pink flamingos’, ‘Female trouble’ and ‘Desperate living’. The characters are charming though use foul language and find themselves lost in hyperbolic situations terecht.Trash films balance on the verge of good taste and barely make it through the rating. Famous is the scène from ‘Pink flamingos’ where Divine aets a fresh turd from a little doggie.

sinds 'Polyester’ (1981) his films get less controversial but still bare his significant mark. With ‘Hairspray’ from 1988 he wins the heart of the main stream audience. In 2002 this small filmhit is turned into a longplaying Broadway musical and in 2007 a succesfull musical film, in which he appears in a cameo. With ‘A dirty shame’ from 2007 returns Waters to his notorious period of the 70s, where the foundation is made for his later works. On the festival in Breda four of his classics with Divine will be screened: ‘Pink flamingos’, ‘Female trouble’, ‘Polyester’ and ‘Hairspray’.


John Waters

The American film director of cultmovies is well known for his characterising use of shocking scènes and Camp. His town of birth, Baltimore is often used as filming location where with the use of 1950s and 1960s rock 'n roll-music the mood is set.
During the festival some of his classics will be screened, such as Pink Flamingo's(1972), Polyester(1981), Female Trouble(1974)en Desperate Living(1977).
After the BUT Film Festival John Waters will visit the Melkweg Cinema in Amsterdam on sunday September 13. There he will give an introduction to the crazy comedy "Polyester' and attend a viewing of his legendary 'Pink Flamingo's'.

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