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5 nights € 200,- p.p.
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Press releases

——— ress Release August 20th 2009 ———

Announcement of the BUT Film Festival 2009 program.

Thursday the 27th of August the line up of the BUT Film Festival 2009 will be released. The festival, held from the 9th until the 13th of September will screen a wide variety of films from the B-movie, Underground and Trash genre. Ranging from the World premiere of the underground-horror film ‘The Tourist’ to fantastic classics like ‘Hairspray’ (1988) by John Waters (USA) the main guest on this year’s festival. Additional to the films the program holds a lot of entertainment and art. Activities, astonishing performances and an art show in character with the event.

To set the tone many international guests will be present at the festival, such as Andrey Iskanov (Russia) underground-director of ‘The Tourist’, Reinert Kiil (Norway) director of ‘Hora’ and the lead actress Isabel Vibe, Julia Ostertag (Germany) director of ‘Saila’, Fred Vogel & Scott Swan (USA) from 'Maskhead', Joshua von Brown (USA) director of ‘Altamond now’ and many others.

The festival kick-off on Wednesday 09-09-09 starts with the B-movie ‘Modern love is automatic’. The American director Zach Clark will attend the BUT Film Festival to present his film personally. He will be accompanied by the lead actress Melodie Sisk. In the film her character Lorraine is a daytime nurse and a dominatrix during the night.

On Friday afternoon there will be a screening of short films in Electron. The films are made by students of the St. Joost art academy. Subsequently film history teacher Jan Salden will give a lecture on the American director John Waters.

New this year is an open air screening of a BUT-film on Thursday and Friday night in the Valkenberg City Park situated between the train station and the city centre. The film will be accessible for the public free of charge.

Friday night will be a blood stricken night as the Aestectic Meat Front gives an exceptional performance. On the BUT-stage in Electron, this German/American music act will perform rituals not suited for sensitive eyes.

A very special Saturday night with an on stage interview with John Waters. Phil van Tongeren will question Waters on his work and his future planning. Van Tongeren is the director of the IMAGINE film festival, film reporter and founder of the ‘Schokkend Nieuws’ (Shocking News) magazine Subsequently John Waters will give a signing session and that night also the winner of the But-Award for best BUT film and best BUT short will be presented.

The early bird can catch a BUT breakfast film on the last day of the festival. As on the other days ‘Monster’ art show on the festival location with photographs by Ash Sivils (USA) and suspended sculptures and films by local underground filmmaker Jaap de Vries (NL). Especially for children from the age of 8 through 80, Rick Vuur will tell tales with suspense on Sunday afternoon in the Griezeltrailer. (Creepy Trailer)

The BUT Film Festival is held from September 9th through 13th in Electron, Belcrumweg 19, Breda, in the Netherlands. Additional information on the festival and the
program is available on the website

——— 2 juli 2009 ———
the BUT Film Festival drags you into the exceptional side of cinema
5 days of B-movie, Underground and Trashfilms in Breda

The fourth edition of the international BUT film festival in Breda (NL) will take place from September 9th until 13th. Extraordinary films of which you did not even know they had to be seen, will be shown on the white screen during a five day extravaganza that takes you into the exceptional side of cinema.

Cult director John Waters (VS), also known as the ”King of Trash”, is the main attraction on BUT 2009. Waters’ distinctive features are his use of camp and shocking scenes. In the 70s he started directing low-budget productions featuring the transsexual Divine as a remarkable lead actress. To this day Waters is still making films, this with big names like Johnny Depp and John Travolta. These movies appear to border on the mainstream Hollywood-productions, but looks can be deceiving. They are far from it. During the festival John Waters classics will be displayed such as 'Polyester' (1981), 'Desperate Living' (1977) en de original version of 'Hairspray' (1988).
Horror and underground fans can revel at ´The Tourist´ by Iskanov. The director from Russia will be at the BUT 2009 festival to be present at the world premiere of ´The Tourist´. The festival kick off will be on 09-09-09 with a spicy film from the B-movie genre, 'Modern love is automatic' (2008) by director Zach Clark (VS).
There is a chance the names given above don’t ring a bell that is because anything can be expected on this festival accept mainstream. BUT stands for B-movie, Underground en Trash. B-films are films made on a small budget, independent of big studio productions.
Underground-films are films pioneering at the borders of admissibility. Often they contain explicit features. Trash-films are over-the-top films with an extravagant content and imagery. An interesting selection of films which will interest the connoisseur and surprise the laymen.
Additional to the films BUT will offer performances, lectures, workshops and art. Such as a Monster exhibition with the work of Jaap de Vries (NL) an artist and Underground filmmaker. With all this taking place on a location set to match the festivities, this turns BUT 2009 into a big event and being there into an experience.

BUT 2009 will be hosted at the Electron building, Belcrumweg 19 in Breda, an accessible location only minutes away from the city centre and the railway station. Additional information can be found on

After the BUT Film Festival John Waters will visit the Melkweg Cinema in Amsterdam on Sunday 13th of September. There he will give an introduction to his crazy comedy 'Polyester' followed by the viewing of his legendary 'Pink Flamingo's'.

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