NEXT EDITION 8 - 12 sept. 2010
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NEXT EDITION 8-12 sept. 2010

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——— 13 sept. 2009 ———


The previously cancelled premiere of the Tourist last Friday is going to be shown on But 2009. Yes! the film is here and will roll on Sunday evening at 22.00 h. in the upper theatre. Underground fans will have the change to view Iskanovs latest work after all as it will be the closing film of this years festival.

BUT jury en de prijzen, foto Marnix

And the winner is....
Saturdaynight was the presentation of the BUT-awards. In three catgories films were nominated. This years Monster theme was taken to the st.Joost academy students with the asignment to make a monsterfilm which resulted in many interesting and funny films. The Return Of The Milkman was absolutely the best and got to take home a bloody reel with an eye nailed to it. In the catagory for short film the award went to I Live In The Woods. A funny violent animation by Max Winston.
The best feature film on this years festival is HORA, it will premiere Sunday 20.00 h. in the ground floor theatre of the festival so this evening you can see the winner of the BUT-award 2009 in the presence of the director Reinert Kiil and lead actress Isabel Vibe.

Aestatic Meat Front, foto Martijn Stadhouders

Blood was smeared on the audience as they were invited to be a part of the performance by Aesthetic Meat Front. Dressed in leather sculptures, connected with metal hooks, pierced through skin
Oil drums were placed in the midst of the audience that were standing or sitting down is a half circle around the stage. Sticks were handed out for the people to participate by stroking wires connected to hooks that were pierced through their back making them human instruments. People started to hit the oildrums, tables, beerbottles, anything they could find, resulting in a rhythm that dissoved the border between the act and the audience. Making it an intense experience.

John Waters

John Waters, king of trash left the festival. Last night there was an onstage interview with him and he was present with the granting of the But Awards. He gave a signing session in the lobby where everyone could get an autograph and have their pictures taken sitting next to John. The rest of the night John mingled with the audience, guests and staff. A wonderful evening in the presence of a great director. Late at night his cab drove off as we waved him a farewell. Today he will make an appearance in the Melkweg theatre in Amsterdam.

——— 10 sept. 2009 ———
BUT kickoff

BUT opening: fotograaf MartijnStadhouders

BUT 2009 kicked of yesterday with 'Modern Love is automatic' by Zack Clark. The director from Amerika and mainactress Melodie Sisk were present for a Q&A. The film was recieved with great enthousiasm by the audience. After MLA, the band 'Bruno and Michel are Smiling with Skipper'.... from Hamburg gave a 'screaming' good performance.
In the mean time the amount of present directors is growing every hour. They fly, walk, cycle and drive themselves into the festival comming from everywhere in the world. Anyway...the mood is good at BUT!

Unfortunately director Iskanov (RUS) is not comming to BUT. Because of unhappy cuircumstances he was not able to arive here. His films managed to get here in time and will be shown according to the program.

——— 4 sept. 2009 ———
Barak at BUT

At the set of Blood on the highway

Barak at BUT Another interesting director will visit BUT this year. Barak Epstein, director of the often nominated and praized horrorfilm Blood on the Highway, will come to Breda! You can meet the director from Dallas at the festival from 10 till 13 september.

And even more ....

Poster Estacion de carretera

More directors find their way to BUT FILM FESTIVAL.
Javier and Francisco Gonzalez Prada (SP), directors of the short film Estacion Carretera (in shorts block B), will also join us this year!

——— 2 sept. 2009 ———
Every festivalday from 20.00 - ± 21.00 h there will be BUT-TV live on
Live-interviews with directors, registration of performances and BUT atomosphere of the festival venue
Check out this website during the festival on thursday-friday and saturday for the BUT-TV stream

——— 30 aug. 2009 ———
Lecture Jan Salden
Friday-afternoon on september the 11th, filmexpert Jan Salden from the Dutch Institute for Filmeducation will give a lecture about the work of John Waters in the light of the BUT-filmgenre. more....

——— 27 aug. 2009 ———

Muurschildering Hedof

Only twelve days to go until BUT 2009's kick off! The contructionteam is transforming the festivallocation Electron into a real filmfestival-paradise. Artist Rick Berkelmans from made a hughe painting in BUT-poster-style on the wall of the central meeting place.

——— 26 aug. 2009 ———

——— 24 Aug. 2009 ———


On Thursday 27th of August the BUT Film Festival 2009 program scedule will be released. With many brand new films, most of which have their Dutch premiere and even some worldpremière such as The Tourist by Andrey Iskanov, Hora by Reinert Kiil and Three studies by Jaap de Vries.

BUT tv
Every night from 20.00 to ± 21.00 h. live BUT tv. With interviews with regisseurs, film flashes and a general impression of the film festival on the location. is there no other way? you don't have to miss out on one day of BUT. Simply catch a rewiew on the BUT episode archive.

——— 11 Aug. 2009 ———
This year is the first edition of the BUT-Award competition and on Saturday 12th of September the award will be presented and the winner of this award announced. ....more
Gasten en films
In addition to John Waters we can announce the presence of many other special guest that will appear on this years festival. Fred & Shelbey Vogel will yet again grace us with their presence on BUTFF. Fred co-directed Maskhead (VS) with Scott Swan and this movie will premiere on BUTFF2009.....more
John Waters 'on stage'
A very special Saturday night Sept. 12th, with an on stage interview with John Waters. Phil van Tongeren (IMAGINE film festival) will interview Waters on his work and his future planning. Van Tongeren is the director of the IMAGINE film festival, film reporter and founder of the ‘Schokkend Nieuws’ (Shocking News) magazine Subsequently John Waters will give a signing session.
Electron, 20:00 h. Sept. 12th 2009


On 9-9-9 come and see the BUT 2009 kick off starting with the somewhat spicy B-film Modern Love is Automatic from director Zach Clark with in the lead Melodie Sisk as the character Lorraine, a nurse with a secret life as a dominatrix.


  Underground-horror-director Iskanov will travel from Russia to BUT 2009. He will be present at the festival when his film The Tourist will hit the big screen. So the festival now has a spectaculair premiere programmed. Other works from Iskanov is nailsand philosophy of a knife.


John Waters

The American film director of cultmovies is well known for his characterising use of shocking scènes and Camp. His town of birth, Baltimore is often used as filming location where with the use of 1950s and 1960s rock 'n roll-music the mood is set.
During the festival some of his classics will be screened, such as Pink Flamingo's(1972), Polyester(1981), Female Trouble(1974)en Desperate Living(1977).
After the BUT Film Festival John Waters will visit the Melkweg Cinema in Amsterdam on sunday September 13. There he will give an introduction to the crazy comedy "Polyester' and attend a viewing of his legendary 'Pink Flamingo's'.

——— 2 december 2008 ———

THE DATES FOR BUT 2009 ARE SET, from wed 9 till sun 13 sept..
One EXTRA day of great B-movies, Underground en Trash!

Konijn bij butfilmfestival
Rabits in the theater

——— 26 november 2008 ———

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