18 t/m 21 sept. 2008, Electron Breda

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from 14 dec. 2007 available: an interview with BUTFF director
Ricardo Ribelles about his film 'El Baron contra los demonios'www.kleurentelevizie.nl no. 029

Looking back on BUTFF 2007:
DIKTAT en Doctor Bibber


poster Mindflesh

Director: Robert Pratten
Country: England
Jaar: 2008
Length: 75 minuten
Language: English
With: Peter Bramhill, Carole Derrien, Christopher Fairbank, Roy Borrett, Steven Burrell, Cordelia Bugeja, Isabella Jade Fane, Lucy Liemann, steve O'Halloran, charlotte Milchard

The director is present during the festival

Chris Jackson is a taxi-driver haunted by visions of a mysterious woman from his erotic dreams. She appears everywhere in the city to him until she enters his appartment covered with blood. Though she disappears again after this incident, she keeps returning once in a while. They get a relationship based on pure lust. Chris doubts the reality of their moments together, and awakens in the morning with strange scars. He has visions of creatures giving him warnings. There seems to be a connection with traumatic experiences in his youth. Unless he deals with these traumatic experiences, his loved ones will die by the hand of these creatures. This steamy film is a stylish, erotic nightmare with a buddhist undertone which searches the link between thoughts and things. This second film of the director is based on the novel ‘White light’ from William Scheinman.

Friday 19 september at 22.00 in Electron downstairs.
Sunday 21 september at 20.00 in Electron downstairs.

Look also at www.zenfilms.com

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