18 t/m 21 sept. 2008, Electron Breda

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from 14 dec. 2007 available: an interview with BUTFF director
Ricardo Ribelles about his film 'El Baron contra los demonios'www.kleurentelevizie.nl no. 029

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DIKTAT en Doctor Bibber

Pop Skull


Director: Adam Wingard
Country: USA
Year: 2007
Length: 86 minutes
Lang: uage English
Subtitle: none
With: Lane Hughs, Brandon carroll, Maggie Henry, Hannah Hughes, Jeff Dylan Graham, L.C. Holt, E.L. Katz, Jennifer Price, Debbie Stefanov, Adam Wingard

De Producer Peter Katz en de regiseur Adam Wingard zijn van 18 tot en met 21 september bij het festival aanwezig

For only three thousand dollars Wingard made this psychedelic relationdrama with horrorelements. The story is about Daniel, a young man who tries to relieve his love pain by a variation of pills. His best friend tries to help him in this dark period. The abuse of drugs gives Daniel hallucinations. Or did the medicins open his eyes and enables him to see the truth? Daniel tumbles down the darkest places in his head, where his obsessions get dangerous proportions. The semi-autobiographic film is a hyperkinetic image of a troubled young man who has lost contact with reality. The stroboscopic editing brings the viewer to the innerworld of the maker, which is full of commotion and confusion. In combination with the hypnotising soundscape this film is a trip that may not be missed.

Location Electron
Saturday 20 september at 20.00 downstairs Electron
Sunday 21 september at 18.00 upstairs Electron

Look also at: www.popskullthemovie

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