18 t/m 21 sept. 2008, Electron Breda

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from 14 dec. 2007 available: an interview with BUTFF director
Ricardo Ribelles about his film 'El Baron contra los demonios'www.kleurentelevizie.nl no. 029

Looking back on BUTFF 2007:
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Blood Car


Director: Alex Orr
Country: Usa
Year: 2007
Language: Engels
With: Mike Brune, Anna Chlumsky, Katie Rowlett, Matt Hutchinson, Maria Malcolm, Mr. Malt, Matthew Stanton, Bill Szymanski, Hawmi Guillebeaux, Vince Canlas

We are in the near future, two weeks from now. The price for gasoline in America is skyhigh and nobody can pay it anymore. Driving a car is only for the very rich. Schoolteacher Archie is a veganist and experiments with wheat as fuel. Every day he gets his supply at the local shop for vegetarian products. At the opposite corner is a shop with meatproducts. The girl at the vegetarian counter makes advances to the shy Archie who does not react. When Archie by accident cuts his finger he finds out that blood works even better for his car. This makes the girl of the meatcounter attentive, she seduces him and wants to get a ride in Archie’s car. However, she dumps him when the car runs out of fuel. Archie has to find more blood… This satire makes fun of our society and its obsessions. Debutant Orr is inspired by headlines in the newspaper. Another inspirator is Roger Corman, especially his debut ‘A bucket of blood’. Orr wants to entertain and only slightly provoke. The satire serves as a hung up for bizarre and (dis)tasteful scenes.

Friday 19 september at 16.00 in Electron downstairs.
This film can also be seen as breakfast movie on sunday 21st September.

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