18 t/m 21 sept. 2008, Electron Breda

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Ricardo Ribelles about his film 'El Baron contra los demonios'www.kleurentelevizie.nl no. 029

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Night Fifty

Night Fifty 2 Night Fifty 1

Director: Dan Bell
Country: Usa
Year: 2008
Length: 87 minutes
Language: English
With: Abigail Poplin, Richard Reade, Marlene Rosoff, Erika Valencic, Tracie Jiggetts, Andy Lafferty, Douglas Felmer, Frances Armstrong

Newcomer Bell has made an intriguing film (his second) with a blink to David Lynch. Similar to the work of the American masterdirector Lynch the movie of Bell is loaded with peculiar characters. In the case of Night Fifty it is all about two lesbian lovers, who steal weapons for the goverment to earn some extra money. The lesbian couple gets into all kinds of strange situations. The film is steamy and hot, experimental and shows the taklent of Bell. Although Lynch is an important reference, Bell gives a very personal touch to his film.

Friday 19 september at 14.00 in Electron downstairs.
Saturday 20 september at 22.00 in Electron upstairs.