27 t/m 30 sept. 2007, Electron Breda
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Jack Stevenson
Totally Uncensored: A History of scandinavian Sex Cinema
In the night of Friday the 28th of September to Saturday the 29th of September, specialist Jack Stevenson presents the program Totally Uncensored, in which he tells in a colorful manner how the Scandinavian sex cinema conquered the world. ...more Jack Stevenson
...more Totally Uncensored

On the festival attention is paid to Grindhouse films, too. The naam 'Grindhouse' refers to old cinemas in big American cities where movies were screened all day long. ...more

Al Adamson
To the works of B-movie king Al Adamson (1929 - 1995) a mini-retrospective is dedicated.

For die-hards with a strong stomach there is the theme program 'Extreme'. ...more

Jack Stevenson
Jack Stevenson photo by ...

Jack Stevenson was born in 1955 and is an American film collector, author of film essays and teacher in the field of cinema. He�s specialised in B-movies, Underground and Trash-films. So he's exactly at the right place on our crazy festival!

He wrote for the English magazine Shock X-Press and the German magazine Splatting Image. He also was responsible for three parts of the trash and underground survey Pandemonium. For the Dutch film magazine Schokkend Nieuws (Shocking News), he wrote deliciously about the B-film culture in his column Confessions of a Smutpeddler from the end of 1993 until the beginning of 1998.

He lives in Denmark since 1993. In the Danish city Ebeltoft, he was a guest-teacher at the European Film College during the school year 1995/1996. After that, he worked there for two full years as a film teacher.

In 1998, we served as an executive producer on the short Danish film The Day the Women Took Over or I Was a Teenage Neo-Impressionist. He also lent his voice to one of the main characters in this production, who tries to escape from the curse of... a pig.

Nowadays he keeps himself busy with writing, running a small film distribution company specialized in in cult, horror and underground films and organizing trips for filmmakers and collectors.

In addition to that, he gives film-related presentations like the one on our festival: Totally Uncensored: A History of Scandinavian Sex Cinema. Surely not to be missed!
Also check out site with essays by Jack Stevenson and site with information about Jack Stevenson's book Land Of a Thousand Balconies