27 t/m 30 sept. 2007, Electron Breda
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Jack Stevenson
Totally Uncensored: A History of scandinavian Sex Cinema
In the night of Friday the 28th of September to Saturday the 29th of September, specialist Jack Stevenson presents the program Totally Uncensored, in which he tells in a colorful manner how the Scandinavian sex cinema conquered the world. ...more Jack Stevenson
...more Totally Uncensored

On the festival attention is paid to Grindhouse films, too. The naam 'Grindhouse' refers to old cinemas in big American cities where movies were screened all day long. ...more

Al Adamson
To the works of B-movie king Al Adamson (1929 - 1995) a mini-retrospective is dedicated.

For die-hards with a strong stomach there is the theme program 'Extreme'. ...more

Send in films

Do you think you made a great short film, which will fit in the BUTFF 2007 perfectly???

Please send the film and a completted application form to:

Stichting Idee-fixe
tav. BUTFF kort films
Speelhuislaan 38
4815 CG Breda

Deadline for sending your film is 1 augustus 2007
In augustus all senders will receive notice if their film is selected for BUTFF2007

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