27 t/m 30 sept. 2007, Electron Breda
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Jack Stevenson
Totally Uncensored: A History of scandinavian Sex Cinema
In the night of Friday the 28th of September to Saturday the 29th of September, specialist Jack Stevenson presents the program Totally Uncensored, in which he tells in a colorful manner how the Scandinavian sex cinema conquered the world. ...more Jack Stevenson
...more Totally Uncensored

On the festival attention is paid to Grindhouse films, too. The naam 'Grindhouse' refers to old cinemas in big American cities where movies were screened all day long. ...more

Al Adamson
To the works of B-movie king Al Adamson (1929 - 1995) a mini-retrospective is dedicated.

For die-hards with a strong stomach there is the theme program 'Extreme'. ...more

The program is ready!!!

Streaming broadcast
Every night during the festival from 22.00 hours a broadcast of filmscene and interviews with different directors www.kleurentelevizie.nl/live
Opening film
The opening film of the second edition of the B-movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival is Uwe Boll's latest film Postal, which is an uncompromising satire of modern life after 9/11, in which a unemployed loser gets the mission from a mad cult leader to rob an amusement park. At the same time the Taliban (yes, you read that correctly) has the same plan, but with a slightly different intention. With this provoking film, Boll hopes to stir up discussions around religion, freedom of speech, warfare and combat of terrorism.
At the moment there is a lot of fuss/buzz around Postal in Germany according to the following news items:

With great pride we can announce the following guests:
Fred Vogel - Fred Vogel, director and producer of the disturbing August Underground trilogy.
- Jack Stevenson, the man behind Totally Uncensored: A History of Scandinavian Sex Cinema.
- Simon Cathcart, director of the film Stagknight which has its European premiere at the festival. And Jason Hyde, one of the main actors in Stagknight.
- Ricardo Ribelles, director of the Spanish B-movieEl Bar�n Contra los Demonios (The Baron Against the Demons).
- Caroline Cristofaro, one of the main actresses in NyMpha by Ivan Zuccon; she will be attending the festival on the 29th of September for a Q&A.
- Alexandra Underhill, costume designer for Hero Tomorrow.
- Elwin Rijken, director of Floppers op Vakantie (Floppers on Holiday) and Maffibaaah!.
- Hector Ch�vez, director of And the Dutch Created the Netherlands.
- And with reserve Jenni Meredith, director of Data Dance.

Just like many other film festivals, the BUT Film Festval has several premieres, too.
Dutch premieres are for Postal, Dead Daughters, The Hamster Cage, NyMpha and Il Bosco Fuori. Also shown in Europe for the very first time are the so-called X-Ray films made by Brazilian director Aldir Mendes de Souza, who sadly passed away last January. Black Hole, a documentary about this filmmaker, who was also a plastic surgeon and used an X-Ray camera in his work, will be screened in the framework of our trubute to him as well.
Going through its European premiere are Hero Tomorrow by Ted Sikora, Stagknight by Simon Cathcart and Acne by Rusty Nails.
A great line-up, if we may say so!

BUTFF 2007
>From Thursday the 27th of September until Sunday the 30th of September 2007
Again Breda will be infested with bizarre, strange, experimental or other kinds of remarkable cinema thanks to the BUT Film Festival. The festival will take place in Electron, a former industrial building. This year we also have more music, performances and art than last year. In true BUTFF style, of course!