14 t/m 17 dec. 2006, Electron Breda
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Programm 2006

The openingsfilm of the festival S&Man will be hosted by the maker himself: JT Petty. The man who is best known as director of Mimic: Sentinel.

Other high light movies are Citizen Toxie: The toxic avenger part IV from Troma-director Lloyd kaufman, who also will visit Breda, Evil Aliens from Jake West (also a guest), Kraftwerk 3714 from Markus Widegren and Zombie Honeymoon from Dave Gebroe.
The horrorfilm Headspace will be shown for the first time outside the USA. Director Andrew van Houten will make his appearance at the BUT-festival.

The director in focus is the famous German director Wenzel Storch. All his films will be shown at the festival. On Friday 15 december at 3 pm he will give a lecture on his work. Horror from Dutch soil can be seen in the screenings of Horizonica (Ramon Etman) and Bum Fu: A Joint Venture (Elwin Rijken).

Besides the main programme with feature length films there are some clusters with a wide range of short films. One cluster contains a selection of material shown previously this year at the Troma dance festival in the USA. Another block consists of only Dutch shorts.
One of the highlights of the festival is Nacht van de wansmaak (Night of the bad taste) on Saturday at 11 pm. This part of the program contains of trailers from incompetent Z-films from all over the world and presented by mr Horror (Jan Doense).
During the festival there will be a daily peepshow. In a small theatre 8 mm films of porn from the sixties will be screened. Those artistic silent movies are accompanied with live music on piano and guitar. Lust in all its forms.
A special activity in the program is a lecture by Media Archive Inc. About Peace in wartime. It deals with the fact that soldiers make found shootages with their cell phones. Those images can be seen as trash movies.
The festival is being held in the building of Electron, Belcrumweg 19, Breda, near the railway station. Besides the screening program there is also an exhibition on symbols and black art. The price for a ticket is 5 euro, a day pass costs 15 euro and a passe partout is 45 euro.